Primal Yoga

Created by Liz Arch, Primal Yoga is a dynamic yoga & martial arts fusion style that merges vinyasa yoga with the artistry of kung fu, and the grace of tai chi into an athletic, heat building flow while focusing on alignment, balance, strength, power, and flexibility.


Vinyasa is a Sanskrit term in relation to a certain style of yoga, referring to a transition between two different positions. Nyasa means ‘to place’ and vi means ‘in a special way’.  So essentially you are placing yourself in a special way step by step from pose to pose. It’s shining a light on transitions. One of the most popular styles of yoga in the US, vinyasa involves synchronizing the breath with a contintuos flow of postures.


Hatha is a Sanskrit word that means ‘force’ and translates loosely to ‘union through the discipline of force’.  Hatha represents the ‘sun’ (ha) the masculine energy and ‘moon’ (tha) the feminine energy and the balancing of these energies through asana, pranayama, and meditation. 


Yin Yoga is a passive practice involving variations of seated and supine poses typically held for 3-5 minutes, accessing deeper layers of fascia.  Yin Yoga applies moderate stress to the connective tissues of the body with an aim of improving flexibility.  A more meditative approach aims at cultivating awareness of inner silence, and bringing to light a universal, interconnecting quality within.

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10 Years

10 Years

I love this picture.  This picture was taken 10 years ago in the West Village in NYC right in front of my apartment that I loved so much.  I was about to leave my haven and embark on a journey to Los Angeles to further my acting career.  Little did I know then what I


I just had a fabulous conversation this morning with my friend Ben about what it means to be ‘seen’.  Authentic.  Raw.  Emotionally naked.  In a nut shell, allowing someone to see your ‘shit’.  The parts of us we think are ridiculous, dorky, uncool, moody, and yes, our emotional wounds.  Scars.  The things we cover, the


Meditation is a technique used to still the mind.   Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to take your mind, like loose change out of your pocket, and just place it on a dresser?  That utter silence and stillness.  That constant ‘yimmer yammer’, as I like to call it, ceases.  What bliss!  But for

Yogi Michelle’s online class taught me that even though your 70 you can do Primal Yoga, which has opened a whole new world for me! This yoga has really helped my scoliosis & osteoporosis!!

Yogi Jean

When teaching school became an online experience during covid, I knew my students would need more than PE, they would need Yogi Michelle!! She is so important in my 2nd Graders’ week!! They love her lessons because each one is unique with fun poses.  She designs lessons that connect with our curriculum too…her leadership has…

Yogi Julie & her 2nd grade class

Yogi Michelle provided engaging & unique sessions every week for 30 of my high school soccer players. My team enjoyed her energy & attention to detail. We looked forward to each zoom class and she tailored each class to their needs. So grateful.

Michael Head Soccer Coach

Michelle is phenomenal and we couldn’t have made it through covid without her. My daughter Isabella loves every session.

Yogi Bella

Michelle’s approach is filled with passion for movement & she brings joy to each session. One of my all time favorite yoga teachers.

Yogi Heidi

It isn’t an exaggeration to say that Michelle is the best yoga teacher I’ve ever had.  I’ve been taking her classes for 3 years and went on her yoga retreat in France.  With Michelle’s guidance and expertise, I’ve been able to expand on my practice in ways that I had never experienced with other yoga…

Yogi Aimee

I’ve been practicing yoga off and on for 7 years and Michelle’s class is by far my favorite!  I don’t feel like I’m just going through the motions.  There’s a science and spirituality to everything she does.  I walk out of her class feeling so Zen!  I love her classes and I highly recommend her!

Yogi Ivor

The first time I did yoga was with Michelle about 3 years ago and I was hooked.  Her teaching style makes the class so fun and it goes so quickly.  I’ve gone to studios closer to me but in the end, I always come back to Michelle.

Yogi Erik

(France retreat):  Michelle is an amazing yoga instructor and beautiful person who is extremely knowledgeable.  I have been doing yoga for 7 years and I learned so much from her in 1 week!!  Her attention to form and technique was invaluable!  I was introduced to many poses I’d never tried before!  Our yoga classes were personalized,…

Yogi Bonnie

” Michelle’s yoga class is my absolute favorite in all of LA.  She consistently creates interesting sequences that stimulate my imagination, which has encouraged a major shift in how I move my body.  Sometimes we are trees or pigeons and sometimes dancing deities!  I highly recommend her for yogis of all levels and traditions. “

Yogi Nicolette

Michelle is an extraordinarily gifted & intuitive yoga teacher. She understands the body and knows what is best for you before you know!

Yogi Arline

I’ve been a yoga student of Michelle’s for 4 years now.  I’m a multitasker with a very busy lifestyle.  When I started with Michelle, my crazy routine was effecting my body.  Michelle helped me become stronger and far more flexible.  I love our classes together!  She is an exceptional and intuitive teacher who knows what…

Yogi Esther