Meet Michelle

Meet Michelle

Buddhists say, “When the student is ready the teacher appears.” For me, yoga was that

My adventure begins at the age of 29 when I placed my feet on a yoga mat for the first time at the Jivamukti Yoga Center in New York City.  Yoga found me as I was moving through my Saturn return, a major astrological turning point in one’s life. I had just graduated from Rutgers University with an MFA in Acting and was not only exploring my new life as a professional artist, I was also on a spiritual quest to undo the social conditioning I was brought up to believe.  And I had no idea where to begin. That evening yoga class in the East Village is etched in my brain. The asanas, the chanting, the meditation, and the teachings brought me closer to my ‘self’ then I’d ever experienced before. The five years that followed were a renaissance of wisdom that came by way of teachers, classes, books, lectures, travelers, seekers, and other magical happenings.  My curiosity led me to explore different styles of yoga such as jivamukti, vinyasa, bikram, kundalini, ashtanga, and budokon.

I arrived in Los Angeles in 2007 to further my acting career and it was at Golden Monkey Healing Center where I met my teacher Matt Pesendian and the practice of Shadow Yoga. Still on my quest, my yoga practice was entwined with studying metaphysics, philosophy, astrology, and the language of ‘shadow work’ through archetype, ritual, poetry, & storytelling. In 2012 I let go of my acting career and embarked on a two-month volunteer trip to Rishikesh, India and completed the Warriors of Wisdom training there with the Sattva Yoga family. This was followed by my 200hr Yogaworks Teacher Training with Joan Hyman, Yoga for Trauma Certification with Purple Dot Yoga Project, and becoming a certified Primal Yoga Teacher under the guidance of its creator Liz Arch. In 2018 I began teaching abroad and I’m excited to partner again with The Travel Yogi as we embark on yet another adventure together in 2019.


What I am most drawn to and fascinated by is the ‘life/death/life’ alchemical cycles we experience in our lives.  Where do I want to go to college? What do I want to be? Do I start this job? Do I leave this relationship? Do I make this move?  Do I take this leap? Etc. There will be many beginnings, endings, and rites of passage. Shedding one skin to reveal a new underneath.  In this very process yoga found me and it is why I teach. I teach to empower others to question and explore their voice, their purpose, their creativity, and what stands in their way at the ‘crossroads’ when it feels like the earth trembles.  I teach to support and encourage my students to remember that all answers lie within.


is a Primal Yoga teacher based in Los Angeles.  Michelle draws upon her 15 years of experience with profound teachers to weave together dynamic classes that are playful, inspiring, and deeply grounding.  Students are guided to harness the energy of the breath through flowing primal movements that cultivate qi, strength, focus, and a connection to ‘self’.


It isn’t an exaggeration to say that Michelle is the best yoga teacher I’ve ever had.  I’ve been taking her classes for 3 years and went on her yoga retreat in France.  With Michelle’s guidance and expertise, I’ve been able to expand on my practice in ways that I had never experienced with other yoga…

Yogi Aimee

I’ve been practicing yoga off and on for 7 years and Michelle’s class is by far my favorite!  I don’t feel like I’m just going through the motions.  There’s a science and spirituality to everything she does.  I walk out of her class feeling so Zen!  I love her classes and I highly recommend her!

Yogi Ivor

The first time I did yoga was with Michelle about 3 years ago and I was hooked.  Her teaching style makes the class so fun and it goes so quickly.  I’ve gone to studios closer to me but in the end, I always come back to Michelle.

Yogi Erik

(France retreat):  Michelle is an amazing yoga instructor and beautiful person who is extremely knowledgeable.  I have been doing yoga for 7 years and I learned so much from her in 1 week!!  Her attention to form and technique was invaluable!  I was introduced to many poses I’d never tried before!  Our yoga classes were personalized,…

Yogi Bonnie

” Michelle’s yoga class is my absolute favorite in all of LA.  She consistently creates interesting sequences that stimulate my imagination, which has encouraged a major shift in how I move my body.  Sometimes we are trees or pigeons and sometimes dancing deities!  I highly recommend her for yogis of all levels and traditions. “

Yogi Nicolette

Michelle is an extraordinarily gifted & intuitive yoga teacher. She understands the body and knows what is best for you before you know!

Yogi Arline

I’ve been a yoga student of Michelle’s for 4 years now.  I’m a multitasker with a very busy lifestyle.  When I started with Michelle, my crazy routine was effecting my body.  Michelle helped me become stronger and far more flexible.  I love our classes together!  She is an exceptional and intuitive teacher who knows what…

Yogi Esther