‘Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.’ – Dalai Lama

Initially, we travel to lose ourselves, to get away from our routines, and to relax.  There are those occasions, however, that call from a deeper place within for adventure and the unknown.  In 2011, my heart wanted a journey.  And she received one.  I began travelling to discover who I really am.

For me, yoga is a means of truly knowing yourself on a deeper level.  The only other avenue I found that brought me closer to understanding myself in such a manner was traveling to places where I didn’t know the language, where the people looked nothing like me, where the culture was completely foreign, and so on.  I found that the farther I went out into the world, the more I came to know myself.

There was magic to be found looking into the charcoal eyes of a woman in India.  Our differences externally were plain to see.  But internally!  Ah we were so much the same.  My reflection in her eyes helped me see my own uniqueness in a fresh and new way.  Her reflection in my eyes in turn gave her the same feeling.

There was magic to be found holding a child in Ecuador as if she were mine and have her smile up at me and say, “Tu eres mi cielo.”  ‘You are my sky’.  And in that moment, she was my child.  We were one.

There is magic to be found not knowing a language and communicating from the heart.  Sometimes there can be frustration and a lot of miming.  And other times sheer laughter when no words are needed.  Just smiles and a knowing that there is a desire to connect in the first place.

How would the world be if we all ventured out with such curiosity to understand each other and ourselves?  To see how we are different and yet the same.

If you are feeling the desire to unleash yourself from your day to day life and connect to deeper parts of yourself, try a yoga retreat abroad with me where we will connect through yoga, culture, landscape, and adventure! It’s time!  Do it

Mother of the world Michelle Corp

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    Hello. I would like to make enquiries regarding next years trip. I had the pleasure of going to India in January, and Thailand this month. Both holidays merged morning yoga/massage, with cultural and fun activities. I would love to visit both Vietnam and Cambodia, again, incorporating yoga with fun activities along with absorbing myself in both cultures.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


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